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Stylish Balcony Decor Ideas

Regardless of the view beyond the gating encircling the space, a balcony can easily become one of the most appealing and relaxing expanses of your home.Whether you live in a city condo with just a few square feet of outdoor space, or you have an upstairs country porch that stretches the entire length of the backside of your home, there are numerous techniques for adding a chic touch to your balcony area. Here are a few quick tips for making your personal lanai your new favorite hangout spot.

potted plants on balcony

sleek balcony design with decoration

Firstly, take time to add a touch of life with your own tiny hanging garden. Choose numerous potted flowers, herbs and other plants that thrive in a small area. For a more polished touch, select colorful or ornate baskets to hold the planting pots. Consider wrought iron shelving to hold additional planters. Just a little greenery here and there will do wonders for transforming your balcony into a residential oasis. For balconies with larger areas, you could even add in shrubs or small trees.

Secondly, think about interesting alternatives to traditional seating. Instead of normal metal patio seating, or cheap and uncomfortable plastic options, consider padded stools or hanging hammock chairs. Of course, ensure your seating is comfortable. If your current seats lack padding, invest in a few brightly colored washable outdoor cushions.

bedroom with stylish balcony design

modern balcony with potted plants and lounge chair

The tables you choose will depend greatly on the amount of space available. If you have the space, an outdoor coffee table can make your terrace feel like an outdoor living room. For smaller balconies, a small care table or two will suffice.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to choose whimsical and bright colors and designs. Unlike areas of your indoor space that are designed for other more serious purposes, a balcony is built for relaxation and entertaining. The friendlier the space, the more inviting it will seem to your friends and other guests.

modern bedroom with stylish balcony inspiration design

master bed balcony design idea

stunning porch - balcony home garden with potted plants

stunning porch design with wooden furnishings

modern balcony inspirational design with sea views

sleek balcony idea with city views

stunning glass outdoor balcony with wooden deck

stylish balcony design with wooden patio furniture in pink

stylish blue balcony design

ocean view modern balcony design

modern balcony design with patio sofa

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