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Red Branding: Four Powerful Ways to Infuse Your Home With Red

From red walls to cushions, this hot summer season draw inspiration from this vivid color for your next DIY interior design project!

You can learn how by drawing from the experience from megacorporations. Target, Marlboro, Coca-Cola, Exxon, even Stop signs have branded their empires in red. Its universal instinctive appeal to the masses entices us to buy, to partake and draws our eyes for a third, fourth even a fifth look.

red-wall-dining-room-with-sleek-wooden-tableby Marie Burgos Design

Take a peek inside your pantry, from ketchup, to apples, from your Verizon cellular phone, to your McDonalds drive through bag and your toddlers Radio Flyer, red is predominate. And one might say it’s a comfort color contrary to popular expressions of “seeing red” or “raising a red flag.”

It’s like a merchant service businessman once told me that he always tells his restaurateur clients to paint the walls of their dining establishment a deep red accentuated with dim drop lights. It always makes people hungry, he added. In a food oriented place red becomes a comfort color when served with a side of comfort food.

Like a retro pie shop or grandma’s kitchen, bring back that black and white tile flooring with red cabinets and red soda shop high bar stools in a completely modern way.

Red Cabinets

red cabinets in fancy asian inspired living roomby COLECCION ALEXANDRA / Photo by: Lopez-Vivas

traditional-dining-room-with-red-cabinetsby LORRAINE VALE

Let’s start with the cabinets. Perhaps you are not ready to invite to your home bright red cabinetry, but by staining your woodwork a deep chestnut or mahogany you can integrate this passionate color in a more subdued way. Or perhaps you have an open cabinet system. With stacks of plates and cups in a bold red you can use your accessories and stand up mixer, toaster and other appliances as a creative way to challenge the mind with red.

Red Bedrooms

studio-apartment-bedroom-with-red-wall-in-the-backby Mary Cook

japanese-style-bedroom-with-red-beddingby strelka

The bedroom is one of the most common rooms to implement the vivaciousness of red. From a silky duvet to audacious drapes you can brand your room with the selling power of love, fire and heat. Black furniture, white walls and red accents, like the duvet we were discussing earlier are a great way to start. If you have wood flooring a rug in shades of red and grey will sophisticate the area and neutralize an otherwise courageous color.

Red Living-rooms

contemporary-living-room-with-red-and-gray-decorationsby Pepe Calderin

red-wall-living-roomby Décoration et provence

A room like the living room that belongs to everyone and invites everyone in, is like the welcoming committee of your home. Overstuffed cream leather sofas under some heavy fluffed up throw pillows is the beginning to designing this room. Above your mantle piece hang a large frame of a single open bloomed poppy. Other elements of art with red hints throughout the room will keep your gaze roving without searing your pupils. Add a few red, earthenware crockery elements and the representative of blood and life will bring this room alive.

Red Bathrooms

small-red-tiles-for-the-bathroomby Famosa– The Surface Studio

red-inspired-bathroom-designby SEE MATERIALS

Pastels are our default color when it comes to the restroom: That and the theme of flora and fauna. Spice up this room so that come time for your next bubble bath you feel invigorated to face the household outside once you reach your wrinkled toes and fingers. With your porcelain commode and tub and tile flooring all white, there is enough safety to paint a wall, or four of them a deep red. With fixtures polished in chrome and beige hand towels contrasting against the wall a room once boring can now be fun.

red-bathroom-design-with-red-glass-tile-marble-and-walnut-vanityby Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

glam-bathroom-decoration-in-redby Stephanie Norris

The color red can be a hard color to get a long with, as it dominates and can translate angry vibes just as easily as love. But the magnetism of this color has been proven time and time again. So let your eyes and your home get excited with some pop that speaks to the man and woman alike. It is one of the few colors that truly doesn’t discriminate in its equality of language. Young, old, in between, men, women boys and girls can all appreciate and beauty of red be it a cherry Popsicle, or a red, red wall!

Momina Khan
From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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