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How to Maintain Traditional Designs without Becoming Boring

Looking at the same arrangement of furniture, the same elements, colors and designs day after day can often make homeowners feel like their design doesn’t have enough pop. Scanning through the pages of design magazines and websites can often make you feel like your own décor touch is inadequate. However, this may just be due to the fact that you’re used to your home – you see it more than anyone. Not to mention, flamboyantly colored décor and organic shaped modern furniture isn’t for everyone – sometimes traditional can be your best choice.

by Brownhouse Design

by Heather Scott Home & Design

However, there is a difference between traditional and boring. Just because you have the same arrangement of furniture as your grandparents doesn’t make your house any more ho-hum than the home page of a top designer’s website. In fact, it takes a special kind of eye to turn a traditional setting into something more unique.

by John Kraemer & Sons / Photography: Susan Gilmore

If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up for your traditional home, consider opting for a change in color scheme. A traditional wing-backed chair with plain beige upholstery can drag a room down – but by reupholstering with a fun pattern or bright color, you can solve this issue immediately and give your room an exciting new accent.

Window treatments are another place in which you can turn average traditional on its ear. Instead of boring drapery, choose a bold new fabric and some trendy venetian blinds.

Other small accents can make a big difference in a traditional home – such as brilliant wall paint colors or some interesting artwork that will capture the intrigue of any guest in your home. Small touches such as photo frames, area rugs, throw pillows and lamps are all items you can change up without disrupting the flow of your space. When it comes to traditional home décor, it never hurts to think outside the box.

by Stonewood

by Brett Valenstein

by Studio William Hefner

by Venegas and Company

Interior Design: JP Warren Interiors / Photographer: Peter Margonelli Photography

by Brian Dittmar Design / Photography by Emily Payne

by L. Cramer Builders + Remodelers / Photography: Jill Greer

by Birdhouse Interior Design Consulting

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