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Selecting High Quality Slip Covers

Regardless of how much time, effort and expense you put in to creating the perfect design in your home, it can all be for nothing if you allow your furniture to succumb to wear and tear. Indeed, flawless, pristine furniture is one of the most important elements in any successful interior design. In order to avoid damage due to children, pets or the experiences of daily living, you may want to consider investing in slip covers. In addition to protecting your sofas and chairs, slipcovers can also add to your existing décor.

Table top large glass containers

When people think of slip covers, they immediately conjure up images of uncomfortable and unsightly plastic coverings. However, slip covers have come a long way in the past couple of decades and today it is easy to find covers that are just as elegant and unique as your furniture pieces. From stylish patterns, chic materials and unique detailing, high end slip covers are well worth the investment.

When choosing your slip covers, be sure to consider both weight and texture. Not all slip cover materials are suitable for all furniture types, and not all covers will complement your current design. Not to mention, heavier fabrics can become loose and may sag or fall. Instead, choose a light to mid weight material that will stretch seamlessly over your furniture to create a cohesive and natural look.


Finally, be sure to measure your furniture before choosing your covers. Take precise measurements from all sides and angles. However, keep in mind, however, that for odd shaped or specially designed furniture you may need to seek out custom made slip covers. While custom choices may be slightly more expensive, this option will offer you more control over the color, design and style of your slip covers as well as ensure a tight fit and flawless appearance.






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