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Stunning Summer Bed and Bath Decor

When the warm, bright weather of summer hits, many people are inspired to streamline their homes. Is a remodel in the works? The good news is that a variety of fresh style updates can be yours without the expense of renovation! In fact, by switching heavy bedding and dark towels in favor of crisp, light selections, your home can have a new look for the new season.

What does summer look like at your house? Let the ideas below be an inspiration to you. Today we showcase 20 amazing products and include helpful links so you can order these fabulous items should you desire them. Have a stylish summer!

Sea and Sand

The natural elements of earth and sea are the inspiration for this first category of summer goodies. Shades of brown, blue and grey channel the sandy coast. You’d be surprised at how simple motifs on bath and bedding items can evoke seasonal style. For example, the Scallop Bronze duvet set by Dwell Studio depicts the ridges of seashells in the most modern of ways:

Merge sand and sea with Marimekko Poukama Sandstone Bed Linens. With a pattern by Fujiwo Ishimoto, this bedding has a simplicity that ignites the imagination with seascape possibilities. Can you feel the sand under your feet and see the waves in the distance? [from Crate & Barrel]

We continue our modern summer motifs with the Sandpiper shower curtain by Kate Spade. While some sea bird motifs can look dated, this contemporary pattern uses stripes and curves to create movement:

Sea grass, anyone? The Marimekko Heina Natural Bed Linens come alive with a pattern designed by Maija Isola in 1957. Note how this subtle bedding can easily go beachy with the help of nautical decor like a glass vase filled with starfish and other sea treasures. [from Crate & Barrel]

For more white and grey fun, check out West Elm’s Organic Woodgrain Towels. A tree ring pattern gives these bath essentials an earthy connection to the outdoors, while the effect of mixing white with grey is both summery and stunning:

Summer Stripes

It’s time to bring on the stripes. The summer stripes, that is! And what’s so summery about stripes? They have a nautical effect that reminds us of maritime uniforms and beach umbrellas! The Laguna Bed Linens from Crate & Barrel are brilliant in shades of blue:

Keep it classic with the Graphic Stripe Ink Duvet Set below. This 300 thread count bedding is made from yarn-dyed cotton sateen. [from Dwell Studio]

Kate Spade has created another summery classic! The Candy Shop Stripe fabric shower curtain is anchored by navy lines. Add in dessert-y shades of pink and orange, and you have a vibrant color scheme guaranteed to brighten any bathroom:

The delicate motion of ocean ripples comes to life on the DKNY Highline Stripe shower curtain. A gradient effect simulates the depths of the ocean:

Add a touch of green to your stripes with the Graduated Striped Shower Curtain from West Elm. How amazing would a lush tropical plant look next to this bathroom accessory?! See for yourself below:

Ocean Blue

Speaking of the ocean, sometimes the best way to visit the sea is to bring its blue shades into the home! The Kate Spade floral quilt is perfect for summer, especially when accented by a bold shade of red:

Add a little green to your blue with the modern swirl magic of the Organic Oasis Duvet Cover and Shams. The best part: the pattern’s movement is a stylish reminder of ocean waves in all of their glory! [from West Elm]

You can store your ocean-themed quilts and bedding in a blue and white (Harry Blanket Box) where they will be ready for an instant change of scenery. [from Shop 4 Furniture for £59.00]

For an undeniably oceanic theme, enjoy the Coral Reef Shower Curtain from West Elm. Shades of aqua, powder blue, teal and grey create depth, while a white background keeps the pattern flawlessly uncluttered:

Go architectural with a bedding pattern that evokes the beauty of wrought-iron gates and railing. The Organic Ironwork Duvet Cover + Shams from West Elm combine shades of crisp blue and white for a wonderfully intricate effect:

For a pop of turquoise and white geometry, check out the vibrant Mimosa Reversible Bedding in Aquamarine, then imagine yourself swimming in the bluest of coastal waters. [from Z Gallerie]

Crisp White

What is it about summer that makes us want to surround ourselves with crisp white decor? Perhaps it’s the way white soothes and refreshes, or the way it cools us by reflecting the heat! For example, Z Gallerie’s Mimosa Bedding in White Jacquard is a modern take on white-on-white patterning. Look closely, and you’ll see the same geometric print shown in the aquamarine bedding above:

The pureDKNY Pure Enchantment bedding below is gentle in its cotton voile construction and soft, intricate appliqué:

For a similar effect, choose pureDKNY Pure Inspiration Bedding. Once again, we have the magic of white cotton voile and patterned appliqué, this time in a lattice design!

For more textural fun, check out West Elm’s Organic Seersucker Duvet Cover + Shams in white. Puckered bedding has never been so clean and luminous:

Bring that same refreshing white glow to your powder room with the help of Pottery Barn’s PB Classic 820-Gram Weight Towels in white. Nothing looks more elegant than a neatly folded white towel, especially when displayed on a metal etagere:

If you desire a summer update for the home but prefer a year-round bedspread, don’t forget the power of a new shower curtain or a bold summer accent pillow. Sometimes a couple of simple changes can serve as the perfect seasonal refresher. Not to mention, regardless of your linen preferences, decorative touches like seashells and driftwood can bring the beach home.

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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