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Choosing Fieldstone Tile for Interior Walls

In today’s fast-paced, high tech world, the interiors of houses and apartments are beginning to look more like the inside of a space shuttle than the cozy havens human beings once called home. While some people prefer sleek mod designs and complete simplicity, others crave the authenticity of a more rustic dwelling. If you’re looking for a way to satiate your craving for old world charm without infringing on the modern conveniences you know and love, consider the beauty of fieldstone tile for interior walls.

contemporary living room with fieldstone tiles walls

Fieldstones are large, round stones that have formed towards the surface of fields. Generally, these stones are pulled out of the ground to improve the effectiveness of agricultural land. While today it is most commonly used as a garden feature, such as a retaining wall, or in the façade of a home, it can also make for a unique attribute in the interior of a home.

It’s important to keep in mind is that fieldstones are extremely heavy – both physically and in appearance. When using this material on the interior of your home, it is most effective as an accent wall – not as a replacement for all the drywall in your entire living space. Too much of the fieldstone look can make a room feel smaller and will detract from all other home décor.



One of the best attributes of fieldstone tile walls is that they have the ability to make a room feel warm. Complement the room with bronze or brushed chrome fixtures and plenty of soft, glowing lights for a truly lodge-like atmosphere.

If you want the wow factor of the fieldstones but with a much thinner cut, you may want to opt for a manufactured variety. These stones are generally made at just a fraction of the thickness and density of real fieldstones and are usually also much lighter and often better suited for indoor use.

Carrie Dagenhard
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