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Astounding art work sees an entire home turned upside down in Austria!

How would you like to live life in a home where everything is upside down? This is pretty much like living inside a house that looks as if it tumbled from the sky like Dorothy’s house in a tornado and perched precariously with its roof on the ground and the only thing missing inside is that wicked ol’ Witch of the East!


The entire experience promises to be plenty of fun if you are willing to come on a magical ride to the beautiful Austrian village of Terfens where this out-of-the-world architectural wonder is a major attraction. That is understandable too considering how it is not every day you come across a home that is standing on its roof and has every little object inside turned on its head.


Designed ever so diligently by imaginative architects Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozhanski, this is a construction that is evidently aimed at the tourists who would flock to Terfens just to watch this unique creation. The astonishing part is that it isn’t just the house that’s upside down but every single little item of decor, furnishing and snazzy article you find inside the house is pretty much hanging upside down from the roof. The car in the garage, bathroom fittings – think of anything that you would find in a beautiful normal home and you will find it on its head in this weird world.


You may not be able to stay in this house as chances are that you would feel that the world has turned a turtle when you wake up every morning but paying a visit and spending some time inside is enough to offer you a new perspective; quite literally!

A charming and engaging work of art, here is a house that looks like it fell from the heavens above and then gravity decided to skip this piece of turf to leave things hanging the way they are. Fancy a trip to the home turned on its head?






upside down house - Terfens, Austria 9

Images ©Reuters / Dominic Ebenbichler

Cristina Toplita
I write for decoist.

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