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Design Basics for a Minimalist Approach

Influenced heavily by Japanese architecture the Zen philosophy, minimalism is a design movement that creates simplicity through the removal of all non-essential components. In other words, minimalism is based on the idea of using only what is needed, with an emphasis on negative space. Using a minimalist approach in home décor can mean achieving a peaceful space devoid of clutter and distractions. Over time, most homeowners take on more and more items – sometimes blurring the line between what is needed and what is simply taking up space for absolutely no reason at all. Here are some tips for creating a more minimalist home.

Start by creating space. Think of minimalism as exposing space within your living area rather than taking it up. True minimalists only hold on to the objects that are most essential to their survival. While this can be difficult for someone just breaking into the minimalist lifestyle, you can start by ridding yourself of any and all clutter.

Keep furniture to a minimum. A bedroom needs nothing more than a bed, a small side table and perhaps a chair. If you are aspiring to a true minimalist design, then rid your bedroom of large chests, heavy armoires and other such items. A living room needs enough seating for the average number of people generally occupying your home. Setting up your space to seat twenty when only three live in the home is seen as an unnecessary use of space.

When adding décor and color, remember that less is often more. Stick to fewer pieces that make a larger statement rather than several pieces that make no statement.

Finally, remember that organization and storage is key to maintaining a minimalist design and appearance. Keep things like books, DVDs, clothing, cleaning products, cosmetics and other everyday items out of sight and organized within drawers and closets. In many ways minimalism is about tricking the eye into believing there is less when, in reality, things are simply well hidden.

Carrie Dagenhard

Carrie is a seasoned blogger, entertainment journalist and all around professional wordsmith with a passion for interior design and home organization. A self-proclaimed eternal wanderer and neat freak, she enjoys sharing her eclectic tastes and zeal of creating a beautiful and balanced space through DIY home décor. After graduating with a degr[...]

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