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Rustic Beach Hut in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

In our fast-paced, buys lives amidst with bustling cities full of loud noises, constant traffic, rigid schedules and other common stressors, it’s hard to imagine a place devoid of modern inconveniences. It’s imagine a place in which simplicity is the norm and distractions are nonexistent. Indeed, such a place sounds like a dream come true. While it may sound like a fairy tale, the unnamed beach hut in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay is that place.

rustic beach hut - Cabo Polonio

Remote, exotic and effortlessly beautiful, this small hut boasts everything many of us hope to someday experience but have not yet been able to do so because we are captives of our busy lives. However, a few nights spent inside this rustic, whitewashed hut could relieve even the most uptight businessperson of their stress. This is likely one of the few places in the world in which relaxation is not simply a byproduct – it is the mission.

rustic beach house retreat - Cabo Polonio

Just steps away from the roaring crash of the South Atlantic, the beach hut sits among grassy dunes and, from several feet away, resembles an abandoned utility shed. However, one step inside this hut and you will be overwhelmed with a sense of comfort and familiarity, and it’s probably because you’ve experienced this place once before – in your dreams. (EspacioLiving via Dornob)




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