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Moroccan Style 1969 Airstream Brings Back the Retro

Seems like the latest design trend is to go back in time — retro is the new modern.

They say that life goes around in circles at times and history repeats itself (mostly because we tend to not learn from the mistakes of the past). But fashion and design seems to be going the same way as well, since the colors, shades and patterns of the 60s and 70s seem to be coming back with a bang.

The Airstream was indeed the king of the RVs and had a sense of mystique attached to it in the past few decades.  With its all-silver look and rounded edges, it’s a fact that the Airstream had a certain appeal that allured many roadies in the past. But nowadays, interior designer Rachel Horn has given a new and luxurious touch to the once iconic vehicle.

The interiors of the revamped 1969 Airstream were done in a ‘Moroccan’ fashion with most of the patterns, shades and designs keeping the original retro feel alive while still offering plenty of lavish delights. The idea was to bring back the past with a touch of modern ambiance as the interiors of this rejuvenated Airstream could match any top class hotel room in pomp and pampering of your senses. Deep natural colors, dark shades and sleek and well-defined interiors truly make it one of a kind. (via thecoolist)

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