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Fun Ways to Inspire Learning: Creating a Study Room Every Kid Will do Their Homework In

It’s time to hit the books. To pull out a stiff wooden chair, sit at an equally stiff desk and crane your neck over several hours worth of study. The study room, a hybrid between Dad’s Office and Grandpa’s Library needs a little morale boost that will inspire great works. Change out the furniture to ergonomic and fun, splash the walls with subliminal education and straight A’s followed by valedictorian will be typed up on your college applications.

These features will help encourage prepping for tests and completing assignments but not all these features will inspire the same way. You need to reacquaint yourself with your children to get in some hands on interaction. Ask your children what class or period of school they love most. And don’t let them get away with one-word answers. Probe deep into their minds to find what it is exactly that they charm them to push for full attendance. Reach past their tough or shy exteriors into their dreams for the future and hopes of today. Then apply those guidelines to the formation. A class that involves just sitting in your seat may appeal to your offspring who love to catch a nap but despite its clichéd overuse, learning can be fun.

Sitting, Standing, Stretching: Fill Your Floor Space with Relaxing Stations

Desks? Try a community table with surrounding comfy chairs in an array of colors, textures and sizes. While sitting up with alert attention helps some stay focused, stretching out on the floor with some easily accessible lap desks allow creative juices to flow. A large rug for pacing will help the thinker of the family. The one who can’t sit still? Allow them to fidget on a reinvented child’s play rug. While a train track rug kept the kids occupied for hours, a rug with subtle education woven in its pattern is a plus.

International Cuisine: Take a Bite of World Wide Wonders

Theme. Yes or no? As long as your theme is earth, than yes. And by earth I mean the world, and by the world I mean everything within. Don’t limit the potential for growth; allow them to experience as much of what life has to offer. From within their own study room walls they can experience various ethnicities, cultures, religions, arts and classics. While search engines and the web have enabled us to have endless information readily at our fingertips the tangible items of the world have indescribable value. Fill the room with artifacts, globes, reprints of art, and even some retro articles like a record player.

What Time is It? Sync up With Your Neighboring Countries

Clocks. Of every time zone…okay so twenty four tic toking machines may seem extravagant but several offering a widespread view of time and season from other countries subliminally teaches geography and concept of time. Spread across the top of your wall like a high operatives office in the FBI you can instill in your child that there is more to life than teenage drama. There is a world around us, some literally behind times, other ahead of times. Perhaps that is why New York follows the trends of Europe.

The Dewey Decimal System: Getting Your Kids Book Smart

Books are integral part of learning. They involve so many assets of what we are taught in school. Reading, writing, grammar, photography, illustration and even math when they are kept under the strict and manageable Dewey Decimal Classification. Bookshelves built in abstract designs filled with modern tales and classics available anytime all the time with no restrictions on due dates. And even though books are friends, owning your own library can help the study process by dog-earing, note jotting and highlighting key paragraphs, sentences or words in an effort to create your own spark notes.

Make it Likable: Recreate Corporate Office and Real-time Facebook Features

Facebook is a socially appealing advancement on the web that speaks to young, old and those in between. It’s an integral part of school ages students that somehow keeps them addicted and dedicated for hours on end, every day. From our phones, tablets, and computers, we have access to our friends and their shared information. So why not infuse the room with some of those features. Create a wall where you can physically post by writing what’s going on- like a live agenda. Tape some pictures, figure equations, whatever is on your mind, surrounding your child with what’s going on outside will instill some contentment. The other walls of this space should be bright, to keep them alert rather than lulled in a safe sense of security.

Food for Thought: A Starving Brain is a Sleepy Brain

A snack bar and mini fridge will keep everything local. When you’re growing, or exercising mental muscles the stomach acid react. So put a stop to kitchen break or McDonald excuses and stock up on some nutritious and delicious snacks. While Grandpa’s library had a brandy snifter on hand, some energy and carbonated drinks have just as much right in the study room.

Now that you have done your part and studied the tricks and tips for recreating a home study hall, you can have a good chat with your kids and figure out what your potential homework room needs to ensure a report card worth magnetizing on the refrigerator!

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Momina Khan

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