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DIY Branch Pendant Lamps Get a Helping Hand From Nature

Pendant lamps truly offer one of the best choices when it comes to lighting needs for your home. They bring plenty of variation along with some amazing designs and offer the perfect illumination which will elevate the beauty of your décor. That said, there are so many variations out on store shelves today that you are spoiled for choices. But here is a cool little idea to make your own pendant lamps along with a bit of help from nature. The idea is to turn an old, dry tree branch into a fixture that will support an array of pendant lamps.


The execution of the concept seems simple enough as it does not really require much skill to find a good study old branch and then support it using either a pot or another method. After this all you need to do is fight the right pendant lamps to hang from the branch and you have your very own unique pendant lamp creations. You can either use a single map fixture or a series of units depending on both aesthetics and lighting needs.

The concept seems easy enough to pull off and of course you can use various variations of it like a branch suspended from ceiling that acts as a supporting rod or even maybe go the way of bamboo since they are both strong and flexible. Do chose the right pendant lamps to go along though and ensure that they too sport a tinge of green for the best possible result. (found on Homedit)



DIY Branch Pendant Lamp 4

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