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Aristocratic Living: Grand Hotel Villa Cora in Florence

The Grand Hotel Villa Cora has nothing if not history. Constructed at the end of the 19th century, this aristocratic abode combines classic elegance and centuries-old architectural concepts with modern design and eclectic décor. However, even though the villa has been restored to include many more modern conveniences, upon stepping inside this villa you are immediately transported back in time. The extravagant styles and lush colors are among the most stylish in the entire country.

Although the villa consists of 46 impeccably decorated and detailed rooms, one particular space worthy of additional recognition is a lounge lined with dark purple walls, deep purple draperies, dark wood accents and a breathtaking ceiling fresco. One of the most notable elements of this room, however, is the illuminated blue table which sheds an aquamarine glow on all surfaces close by. While something of this style would be more suited in a European discotheque than an aristocratic household, it somehow fits beautifully.

Each room in this home seems to be touched by a different cultural influence. From intricate oriental designs to the geometric patterns of Middle Eastern décor and the stark white/gold accented French continental approach – it is a historic, fantastic and worldly home indeed. (found on Yatzer)

Photo © Massimo Listri, Grand Hotel Vila Cora

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