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Canvas Art Coverings in Just Three Steps

Recent bidding on and purchase of the 1895 pastel edition Scream by Edvard Munch and other similar occasions have shown how hungry art enthusiasts are for high art.

To see pieces closely hug the wall never fails to work. It is an everlasting tribute to décor and the creative souls and their work that holds millions of words in an array of colors, textures mediums and freedom.

DIY wall camouflage

Art has no rules. It is self-expression that proves naysayers wrong. It crosses the lines of diversity and needs no translator as we as individuals are the interpreters. It is understood and spoken in all languages and reaches the eyes, mind, heart and soul as nothing else can. Art takes great skill to transform your nighttime dreams and imagination into tangible elements that we can experience and if we combine our imagination with that of the artists we not only see, we feel.

While art is many things, it shouldn’t have to settle for being common. Classics are timeless pieces that have many purposes and they are never received the same collectively. They are unique in form and unique to us. And when they meet our modern technology they are unique in multi-functionality.

canvas art hiding wall thermostat

Now we can infuse our DIY art to Wall art by adding hinges to its canvas base in an effort to hide necessitates that our walls entail. Thermostats, alarm panels, unused light switches don’t have to be white eyesore spots screwed on our wall with no strategic mindset.

Step One: Measure the depth. You don’t want your anything to poke through. Your canvas, well, it’s got a secret. Hidden depths. Strangers, family, friends, neighbors, nobody is to know about it!

Step Two: Attach the hinges. Use two hinges with one side of the bracket on the canvas either on the topside, the left side or the right side depending on space and accessibility to open. Carefully measuring and marking to ensure evenness screw in the other side of the hinge. These brackets will now enable discreet appliances and keep the flow of your house dedicated to art.

Step Three: Spacing. Since these alarm panels are never centered, you might need to hang up some surrounding pieces of artwork that are sized the same and will turn your wall into an art museum curators dream.

diy wall canvas to hide thermostats

(Images from AT, Knockingitoff & AT again)

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