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Pillow Cushions: Fable & Exotic Collections by East Camp Home

The story of innovation hits the headlines, this time from the décor sector, headed by entrepreneur Lucy Bohnsack and her brainchild company East Camp Home which launched two absolutely stunning and lust-worthy collections of throw pillows that reflect exactly what Lucy envisioned for her company … fine art in functional form.

These first two collections, the Exotic and Fable Collections, monumentalize the beauty of all creatures through collaboration with renowned animal photographer, Valerie Shaff.


Artistic in all ways, the pillow cushions feature original images of animals making for a unique decorative item that could add a special pop to your living room, the bedroom or any other space in your home. The Fable collection comes with a vibrant range of characters from the granny tales (the barn owl, dove, bunny, crow, horse hawk or the snake) while the Exotic collection features the fierce tiger, the lithe crested crane, or perhaps, if you’d like, a moody croc.



More about Lucy: Coming from a long line of American pioneer entrepreneurs, Lucy obviously wanted the entire product to be produced in the US. She was thrilled to find a Boston based manufacturer that gives single mothers above minimum wage jobs and teaches them a marketable skill. By making a pillow, a job is created as well. From the digitally printed linen, to the pillow inserts, and final production, every piece of the product is responsibly thought out, and socially relevant, down to the domestically produced recycled hang tags embedded with wildflower seeds that can be planted when their job is done!


bunny on stool and goose pillow cushion

The result is a stunning collection that seemingly invites nature into your living room in a bold and vibrant fashion and also gives you a moral high ground thanks to the responsible way in which these cushions are crafted. Stylish and sensible to the core




What’s your favorite?

Cristina Toplita
I write for decoist.

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