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Limited Edition Shell-Inspired SheLLf by Ka-lai Chan

Combining “shell” and “shelf” in a wonderful piece of furniture, young Dutch designer Ka-lai Chan created the limited edition SheLLf for Italian manufacturer Kristalia. The inspiration comes from a shell undulating from deep to shallow and constructing a beautiful shape.

Arranged in an interesting way that adorns the wall with its spectacular pieces, the modern shelf seems to be part of the wall.  At the edges, the SheLLf seems to emerge from the interior of the wall.  The eruption at the center accentuates the depth.  If you have overhead lighting you see some interesting effects from the shadows on the interiors of the compartments.

Displaying a dynamic shape, this splendid collection of furniture pieces has a glossy black exterior and a textured untreated wood. These two finishes combined give the overall piece a contrasting display of contemporary materials.

Each piece has a different size and angle, and together they construct a gorgeous alternative to a normal run of the mill shelf.  These will get your creative juices flowing and you can make some interesting arrangements within.

Available in three sizes – small (124 x 74cm), medium (217 x 130cm) and large (311 x 223cm), the SheLLf can be customized to suit your interiors and proudly display your beloved belongings on the wall. (Found on Adelto)

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