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Bookshop x Cafe in Brazil Ensures Tranquility

Situated in the municipality of Campos do Jordão, in the state of São Paulo in Brazil, this bookshop x café building has an inviting aura that attracts visitors as much for the tasty delights it holds inside as it does thanks to the stylish and fancy interior. Nestled amongst the foggy mountains and beautiful vegetation, stop by and you’ll get to enjoy your favorite coffee while taking in the awe-inspiring and magnificent views of the vivid and inspiring landscape that surround it, which include the likes of splendid Boa Vista Palace and the unique São Pedro’s Chapel.

Designed to fit in perfectly with its sensational setting by ArcFaggin Architects, the building charms you with a very simple, ergonomic and highly elegant design. Just like in case of most modern homes and office spaces, this bookshop and café utilizes a very open design thanks to the extravagant use of glass coupled with lovely wooden surfaces. They form the connection between the outdoors and indoors and unlike other bookshops, which are usually closed spaces; this one provides fancy spacious rooms filled with natural ventilation and visual connectivity with its grand surroundings.

It is the location of the café that is obviously its biggest draw and the designers have done amazingly well in utilizing that advantage to the hilt. Despite being stuffed with the necessary gadgets and furnishings, the careful and planned arrangement of objects ensures that everything appears streamline, organized and uncluttered.

Step outside and you’ll be greeted by a lovely, large outdoor deck, a serene view and cool breeze that will help you enjoy your cup of coffee and dig into your favorite page turner.

Photographs: Pedro Vannucchi

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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