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Chandlo Dressing Table is Cool and Trendy

Chandlo means shape of the moon or the round shaped Bindi, a colored dot worn by Indian women on their forehead. The name has been aptly given, since it is a mirror in perfect round shape. Here is an elegant looking and a much adorable unique dressing table. It includes mirrors (including the round one mentioned above), and a cabinet on a table along with a stool.

Designed by Doshi Levien, the designers of IMM Cologne’s special Das Haus 2012 installation, the objects appear to be holding to each other, but without actually touching each other. And, that itself seems to be the intention of the designer. At the same time, the simplicity has been maintained too. The stool is a rotating one, and is made of leather cushions with silver embroidered lines, while the back side of the mirror is as same as the leather cushion.

Sporting curious shapes the Chandlo table has actually been designed to be viewed from all  sides and reveals different aspects of the objects from different angles. In short, it gives more emphasis on shape of the objects and furniture used within. Chandlo is a cool piece of furniture to groom yourself and start your day with. (found on DailyIcon)

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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