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Attic With Roof Terrace Has Lovely Bright Interiors

The truly impeccable arrangement of furniture and showpieces or the perfect blend of contrasting vibrant colors, it is just hard to say that what makes this roof terrace’s interior mellifluous. It could be observed that a uniform pattern has been followed in the organization of all the rooms, at the same time an effort has been made to add a distinct flavor to each.

Mikel Irastorza created this wonderful design. The interior just merges with the beautiful surroundings outside the house, thanks to the jumbo sized windows. Not to mention, it allows the entry of ample natural light, so could be counted in the eco-friendly features list. Also, it is one among the elements that enhances the aesthetic aspect of the building.

The living space is just huge, and there is a perfect private space arranged well within the room. Another adorable feature is the kitchen which seems to reflect simplicity and opulence at the same time. The dining hall is separated from the drawing room with a wall and a small courtyard stands adjacent to both. Proper choice of the lamps and lampshades, in fact, complements the walls and shelves and in every room we could find at least one. LED lights have been embedded on the attic roof terrace. The open area and terrace have been lavishly decorated and provided with seating arrangements. (found on nuevo-estilo)

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