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Using Sculptures at Home: Boost Your Interiors with Busts

Are you an ardent lover of sculptures? Here we bring you some ideal examples of the perfect and creative use of sculptures as an integral part of your home décor. Be it  antique, rare pieces or any modern and contemporary stuff, sculptures will definitely work wonders for your interiors!

A sculpture is the best option when you aim at creating a vignette or sort of old world charm. The designs in the photographs have made use of the busts in the best possible way. They have brought it to the magic mix of the classic and the modern. You can use them anywhere, like top of the tables, cabinets, book shelves, fireplaces or even use a separate stand to hold the bust and use it as the focal point of the design of the room.

Groups of small busts may be arranged by subject or era.  They can even A large bust can command a particular area.  Gold leaf can be an accent by a large bust or command everyone’s attention depending on its placement.

The only thing one has to take care of is that they should suit the whole design of the project. And the presence of that particular piece of art should be in an eye-catching way – that is do not dump them with the rest of the accessories or in any corner of the room.

And the cherry on the cake …

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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