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Beautiful Coastal-Inspired SALCOMBE Table

Elegant and creative, the SALCOMBE Table displays a solid ash body that seems to have been made out of a single piece of wood only betrayed by looking at the edges of the base that reveal the beautiful grain of the wood patterns. Created by Irish furniture designer and manufacturer John Lee, the exquisite dining table took shape while the artist worked on a client’s coastal home and inspired its form.

The table features holes in the base, designed as an ode to eroded sedimentary rock and the effects of erosion. It reminds others of the bubbles and foam when the waves crash down into the ocean. Walking past or even slight movements of the head when gazing at the base add a dynamic aspect that pleases the eyes.

The smooth surface was balanced with a different approach to the underside and base – these parts have a beautiful texture achieved by sandblasting the piece of furniture. The hole occupying the middle of this beautifully crafted table can be left empty or it can become part of a green arrangement

Maybe a light sculpture placed in between the graceful legs would add another dimension to this beautiful piece. It’s up to you to fructify the design and display your unique perspective on the surrounding space – even through a simple gesture like adorning the table’s middle part.

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