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Breathtaking Wildcat Ridge Residence Overlooking Natural Surroundings

Voorsanger Architects created a stunning home in Aspen, Colorado. The Wildcat Ridge residence – as it was named – sits atop a 9,200 feet elevation overlooking beautiful natural surroundings. The fragile nature of the site challenged the architects to design a home that would follow the contours of the land, but display a stunning modern architecture.

Inspired by the natural landscape surrounding this extraordinary property, designers created a breathtaking exterior design that prologues inside through the large glazed walls. The fantastic view of the mountains from the living room area varies with the change of seasons, creating endless variety ensuring you will never be bored.

Imposing in its size and design, the Wildcat Ridge residence is not only a comfortable dwelling, but also a home that respects the environment – sixty geothermal wells ensure the energy necessary on a daily basis, heating up the house and pool during winter and cooling them down during the summer.The driveway is also heated during the winter so you don’t have to worry about keeping it free from snow.

The interiors are divided between public and private spaces, with the high ceiling and open space constructing an inviting platform for a lifestyle in perfect balance with the alpine landscape.  An immense rock wall serves as a divider separating the East from the West and also functions as a temperature stabilizer.  The use of wood gives you a warm touch visually and a beauty all on its own.  The folded roof gives the building a modern look that also blends into the stately mountainous terrain.

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