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Colorful Project Combining Colors, Materials and Shapes

Colorful benches are inspired from the joy their vividness brings us. This particular project that caught your attention from the intriguing photo is a collection of benches captured under the name ‘PlaidBench” Collection. Why plaid? The design studio that worked on this project – Raw-Edges Design Studio – explain: “Stripes arrangement is a common element in iconic benches.

Many of the very common archetype benches happen to be shaped in this way. Stripes are also the fundamental element in textile check/plaid pattern where they arranged together in a vertical and horizontal fashion.” Now do you see it?

Consisting of a set up of wooden benches interlocking to shape a plaid pattern, the project aims at combining shapes, colors, different textures and materials into a fun, useful furniture collection.

The interlocking pieces of multicolored wood allow for virtually endless patterns that can fit just about any decor.  Some even remind you of a super-large white box (maybe containing red roses) with the the red ribbons in a cross shape holding on the imaginary lid.

Available in an almost infinite range of shapes and sizes, picking just the right one for your home should be a daunting task, but well worth it with the perfect fit to your crib. These urban benches were captured in a collection designed for Dilmos Milano. (Found on sfdesigngirl)

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