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Refurbished Flat in Barcelona Takes You Back to Olden Times

It is a widely recognized fact that old buildings hold a non-replicable charm within. That might be the reason why lots of people go for refurbishing an old house rather than rebuilding it. From another standpoint, renovation averts unnecessary spending. One of the most glorious refurbished homes in Barcelona tells such a tale.

Tall ceilings and wide windows are real stand outs. The house gets a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary furniture, and interior designing is done by Esmo Interior. Designers have demonstrated their valor in selecting most unique combinations of colors for this exquisite building.

The old layout has been retained in refurbishing. The numerous wide open double doors throughout the large rooms introduce a sense of freedom of movement in this great house. Use of wood in construction poses some restriction to entry of light into interiors of this massive building. Hence, the interiors always remain less illuminant, which imparts a royal feel inside it, a reminiscence of the good olden royal period.

Though the house has numerous doors and open spaces, privacy is given utmost importance wherever required. With exterior walls and furniture painted in yellow, the house retains the balance of color by giving a whitish shade to windows. The bedroom being the most private area, its walls get a smooth finish and exuberant shades. Fully equipped bathrooms are very unique with well picked wall color as well as furnishing. Altogether, a great place to live in. (Found on Micasa)

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