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West Indian Viceroy Villas in Antigua Spell Luxury

The awesome West Indian Viceroy Villas located along the coast in the northern isle of Queen’s Leeward in British West Indies exhibit marvelous architectural quality. Spanning over an area of 35 acres the villas offers relentless view to the vast ocean lying close to their site. The contemporary glass fronted Viceroy Villas are epitomes of Caribbean luxury. The beach is wonderful, and offers superior entertainment like diving and sun bathing. Sun beds placed all along the long beaches overlooking Atlantic Ocean make it a perfect place to relax.


Interiors are magnificently furnished with expensive chairs, cushion sets and carpets. Large glassy windows allow sunlight to flow in and thereby help reduce energy bills considerably. Glass walls used exuberantly in these villas add to the visual density. The houses use a mixture of various colors, which imparts a rich feeling from outside.

Short and green palm trees on courtyard gives an elegant and cozy feeling to the Viceroy Villas. All rooms in the Viceroy villas maintain a neutral shade. Bedrooms are very large, possess brilliant lighting facilities and are accompanied by a lounge. Neutral monochromatic paintings can be seen here and there. Small sculptures and paintings improve artistic appeal of the beautiful building. A restaurant serving various cuisines, overlooking the Ocean appears to be an integral part of these magnificent villas. (Be prepared to spend some $5 million, before you decide to move.)

Dapper West Indian Viceroy Villas - contemporary bedroom









Cristina Toplita
I write for decoist.

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