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Contemporary Palm Springs Villa Charms with Luxury

Located in California’s Palm Springs, this is one of the best homes we have come across. It is regularly chosen as a favorite vacation spot by travelers who love a calm and soothing atmosphere. The luxury is an additional bonus. This contemporary house will match anyone’s dream.

Well-cultured green patches and classy walkways will welcome you to the treat waiting inside. Palm trees, natural pools and rocks are arranged outside to give a heavenly feel to the house. Exterior and interior designing of the house has been meticulously done in a simple manner, and is yet alluring.

You might have to have much more than $1.88 million in you bank account if you are planning to own this spacious home that spreads over 21,344-sq f of land. Glass doors and spacious design of the rooms unwind your locked up vigor. You almost have a 360 degree view of the captivating mountains yonder. The energy requirement of the house is balanced with 120 solar panels installed on the roof, which add to the green quotient of the house.

Architect James Cioffi has made the mansion even more attractive with the use of  top class flooring and furniture that match the color combinations of the interior. Way ahead in style quotient among the neighborhood with three spacious bedrooms, four-bathrooms, and other luxuries, the house boasts a 4,137 square-foot area. You can get cozy at night by the side of a three-sided fireplace. Other facilities include a library, entertainment room, Swedish sauna, infinity pool, and a cascading waterfall. (listing on jeunitedrealty)

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