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Unique Hand-Crafted Basalt Fiber Furniture by Raimonds Cirulis

Imagine yourself living in the location of your choice, in a customized dream home that displays pieces of your lifestyle, your hobbies and interests and having a perfectly manicured garden. Now, let’s take the dream a step further – imagine a set of hand-made outdoor furniture items adorning your landscaped garden. If I wouldn’t have found these superb basalt fiber pieces, I would have surely dreamed about them. Thanks to Latvian designer Raimonds Cirulis, part of dreaming about the perfect home and garden can now revolve around these furniture sets.

Designed for furniture manufacturer Maffam Freeform, these beautiful furniture pieces are the first ones made from basalt fibers. By adjoining this interesting volcanic material and a contemporary design, Raimonds Cirulis created 17 types of light but stable design objects composed of beautiful hand-crafted patterns.

You should not expect to get a perfectly matched set of chairs because you will be surely disappointed.  Each piece is individually made by hand and the patterns give each item a unique personality.  The markets for these pieces are the hotel business, restaurants and the discriminating person who wants and can afford wonderful custom pieces of art that can be used every day.

The basalt fibers have many interesting properties – durability or the power of absorbing ultraviolet, radio or electromagnetic rays. It was even used to try and make undetectable, or at least hard to detect, submarines for the Russian fleet. Uniquely presented in a fancy patterned style, these furniture pieces are said to last for 20 to 30 years. (Found on DesignYouTrust)


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