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Dusting Tips: How to Clean Dust Like a Pro

For most of us, cleaning is a real hassle rather than an enjoyable exercise session. It becomes a terror when you allow dust to stand for long. So, the first rule to act like a professional is to clean regularly. Though there is an abundance of modern equipment to help you go about your cleaning, there should be certain amount of experience involved to tackle this enemy effectively. Here are some dusting tips that could help improve your experience and excel in this area like a real pro.

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Your home needs dusting

Don’t hesitate to admit that your home is dusty. Just clean it. Make sure there isn’t any fissure on your doors or windows, because that’s a source from where dust enters your interiors. Also clean your furnace and AC occasionally, and replace the filters more often.

HEPA Filters

Use HEPA filters in your bedrooms or wherever clean air is necessary. And speaking of filters, make sure your AC has a regular maintenance schedule — those filters can get quite filthy with time. Also, don’t forget to dust underneath the bed, couches and furniture.

How to dust like a pro

1) Clean your floor and furniture regularly using a dampened cotton fabric. Use a paint brush in crevices. Don’t spray anything onto the television and computer screen. Dryer sheets can neutralize static electricity, so that would be a nice option to use on electronic screens.

2) When you dust, you shouldn’t rush. Know what you are doing, and find enthusiasm in it. We know it’s hard, but the joy of having a clean home after finishing up, is priceless.

3) Select your duster according to purpose.  A wand duster can be used for rough cleaning, whereas a feather duster will do better in fine cleaning.

4) As you start cleaning, remember to start from top. Dust from the roof will eventually fall on floor, which should be cleaned only at the final phase.

5) Make sure you shake your duster outside, and switch sides as one side gets too dusty.

6) Footwear is identified as another villain, so remember to put a mat right at the entrance. This would considerably reduce the dust load.

7) Curtains cushion covers and fabrics should be cleaned frequently. Make sure you do all these things at one time. And to do that, schedule your cleaning process, even marking it on a calendar, and try to keep up with the schedule.

Do you have any other dusting tips for us?

Cristina Toplita
I write for decoist.

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