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Moss Oaklands Residence in South Africa is Wonder Redesigned

The Moss Oaklands Residence, situated in the historic Cape Town in South Africa, is a remodeled structure of an old 1950s residence.It’s the work of studio Nico Van Der Meulen Architects who have taken utmost care in making this design, perfect and complete — making it one of the major attractions of the whole area.

According to the architect team, remodeling was done on the parent building to increase the living space. They included four luxurious bedrooms, and a large entertainment area in the original building. Since the original building was flat-roofed, a vertical expansion was a viable option for the future. With the sliding and stacking doors and glassy windows, the difference between internal and external areas are dissolved considerably, giving the home an urban feel, while retaining natural openness.

The neutral shade selected for its walls impart warmth and luxurious outlook to this outstanding edifice. Architects succeeded in imparting an urban touch to this years-old structure. The pool, expensive furniture, glass wall, carpets and lighting all have contributed significantly to redefine its old-fashioned outlook. Rooms are very spacious and a blend of several colored furniture invites luxury and elegance inside this beautiful refurbishment.

This design saved lots of money and natural resources, and can be projected as an epitome of resource conservation. Now, do you like the Moss Oaklands Residence?

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