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Thousands of Balloons Connecting Tradition and Innovation

The Happy Material chair by Pini Leibovich takes us back to our childhood days, when balloons were magical and fascinating, only this time, we enjoy them under a different shape. These fantastic chairs are bright, vivid and colorful, capturing the freedom of expression and creativity kids have. Thousands of balloons contributed in making these chairs, and the Israel-based industrial designer managed to construct a bridge between tradition and innovation.

Constructed more as a piece of art than an everyday object, each of these chairs create a fantastic atmosphere and represent a strong focal point in any given space. Many colors and a fun, intriguing shape give the chairs the power to be the start of a pleasant conversation. Totally sold on the design and the fact that it’s a more than just a colorful addition to a room’s environment – probably one of the coolest chairs we’ve seen in a while. What do you think? (found on DesignRulz)

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