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Mop House in Kuwait Looks Marvelous Amidst Spectacular Greenery

The curve seems to have taken its might back again with the Mop House in Al-Nuzha, Kuwait — it appears to be marvelous in the backdrop of spectacular greenery and curved walls, painted in creamy- whitish color.  The brilliant architecture of the Mop House has be commissioned to the creative folks from AGI Architects who came out with this incredible layout, ideally suited for a house located in an arid atmosphere, existing in countries like Kuwait.

Mop House - white exterior

Mop House - interior area

Mop house has two entrances: a public entrance and a private one too. Walking straight through the entrance will lead you into the guest room; behind which is a large swimming pool and surrounding the pool is vast living area. On top of that  it has relatively larger rooms, and has provisions for ample air circulation. Air circulation keeps the interiors cool, despite the harsh atmosphere prevailing in the Middle East region.

Further cooling is provided by wooden paneling given at intervals along the tall walls. The interior looks as wonderful as exterior. Very beautiful and expensive furniture are just another brilliant treat to your eyes. The house gets its design after taking positional, environmental, and climatic factors into consideration. The designers seem to have taken extra care to provide a good amount of privacy.

The exteriors appear to have well separated from interior, compared to contemporary western houses. The Mop house has got enough space to contain a family of four or five. (found on Contemporist)



Mop House - pool and garden view


Mop House - minimalist kitchen with white furniture and island

Mop House - rounded wooden walls

Mop House - living room with leather couch

Mop House - living area

Mop House - interior staircase

Mop House - dining area

Mop House - contemporary bedroom design

Mop House - wood walls

Mop House - bathroom design with wooden walls

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