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Complex Maleny House in Australia Sports a Water-Logged Ambience

Maleny in Australia is home to sub-tropical climate with intermittent cool winter and warm summer. The place has got another remarkable landmark in the form of a building, the Complex Maleny House. A couple of years ago, Bark Design Architects got a contract to design a building at really vibrant landscape. And when the project was completed, it turned out to be a magnificent structure, and we now call it the Complex Maleny House.

This is a unique structure with a significant portion made to float above the ground. The environment surrounding this house is really calm and tranquil, giving a wonderful view to the landscape lying ahead of it. The designers have intentionally selected large glass panels for windows and doors for unobstructed view to the surrounding greenery.

The house is just irresistible, and the environment is just an element for that. They have separated a good deal of space for the garden, which is protected by caged wall of stones. External constructions are well spaced for unobstructed entry of solar rays. Overall, the house has got a water logged ambiance, and is extremely cool.

A blend of different natural colored walls and windows got no single word to explain. The design seems thoroughly environment friendly. Don’t miss a visit to this spectacular architecture.

Check out the pictures below and take a look at the video at the end of the story. Brilliant!

And as promised, the video.

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