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Spain’s Nature and Urban Ecology Center: Eco-friendliness at Play by Manuel Fonseca Gallego

It is more than evident from the surroundings that the Nature and Urban Ecology Center in Albacete, Spain, has been chosen after a thorough ecological evaluation.The site is encompassed by a calm, tranquil atmosphere, and looks like the perfect place to spend your peaceful Sunday.

The Ecology Center is oriented in a direction to get maximum view to the scintillating natural vegetation that surrounds the building. A north-south cross ventilation is ideally placed to allow the visual feast located in east-west direction. The entrance to the Center is a bit elevated above ground level. The design is simple, but inside it has lot more than one might think as architect Manuel Fonseca Gallego has exhibited his brilliance in this amazing creation.

The bathroom and storage spaces are well secluded away from public space. The public area finds space for a dedicated study room for educational and environmental activities. The large glass panels used for windows allow a free and functional outlook at its surroundings, which is crucial for environmental studies. It also helps you identify the various units indoor. This building is energy efficient too. Good ventilation as well as the large glass panes with blinds are good enough to cut down on the power bill considerably.

The whole construction is protected by a green roof, from where rain water harvesting is made possible. What we like most is the way the building has been made suitable for any kind of weather, round the year. Cross ventilation, under floor ventilated air chamber and the like make this building ideal for any time of the year. Eco-friendliness in practical architecture is what this building is about. (found on ArchDaily)

[Photographs: Miguel de Guzmán]

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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