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Award Winning Small House in London With a Dark Brick Exterior

You have been reading a lot about large buildings and expensive interiors here. Come, lets take a walk to this small house in the middle of a city where you can enjoy all the benefits of a stylish home. The Shadow House is a newly-built private house on 38 sq m piece of land in London. Architects from Liddicoat and Goldhill created this Victorian house in order to test their ideas on living with less interior spaces with maximum emotional effect.

Instead of using different construction materials, this house is made up of dark bricks. Privacy, comfort and silence are the major aspects we like about this house. Also, the Victorian buildings nearby provide a beautiful view. You might be wondering how the architects tackled the problem of lighting that is common to such tiny buildings. The obstacle has been overcome with the creation of an open space with clear straight lines and glass walls.

The bathroom will surely catch your attention with its glass ceiling and the special modeling tiles. Furniture with glass, wood and concrete gives an elegant look to this house. No wonder it has won the Best Small House Of The Year Award at the British Homes Award 2011. (from homedit)

[pics by Keith CollieTom Gildon]

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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