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Patterned Rugs Can Induce Seasickness

You might have felt a sort of dizziness while staring at cloths featuring intermittent black and white patterns. Have you ever thought why it is so? Now, researchers at St. Peter’s college in Jersey City have found out that black and white patterned rugs can cause dizziness.

This could eventually lead to a condition called seasickness.

This dizziness is a regular experience, but it is for the first time that researchers have come out with an explanation for this phenomena.

The result was published in an academic journal Perception.

Though they were not able to nail the exact villain behind this sick feeling, high contrast between colors and repeating patterns are included in the list of possible culprits.

Most times the sick feeling persist for fairly long time, which eventually causes seasickness or motion sickness.

Now, you get another excuse to dump your old, but usable garment, with the help of scientific evidence. This new finding has got huge business implications as well.

Now, people would consciously try to avoid picking up fabrics of black and white pattern and store owners would bear the consequence.

What else these new findings are capable of bringing about? To answer this precisely, you have to wait longer. But you can input your feelings and apprehensions over here, and share them with like-minded people.

Have you ever felt anything like that?

(For those wondering, the first rug is a Nani Marquina Estambul Black on White Rug, from Nest, costing some $3,100)

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