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Miller House: Classic Mid-Century Modern Home for J Irwin Miller

Would you build a house with just your guests in mind? You wouldn’t, right? You would want your comfort to weigh more than anything else, we know. But then, if you get a chance to travel to the residence owned by J Irwin Miller, you will realize that the home sports a design that aims at entertaining guests. This, in fact, is one among the rare family home designs by architect Ero Saarinen.

The Miller Residence stands out for its excellent modernist architecture and provides for a large living area. The designer has installed a huge sunken conversation pit in the lavish central living area. The building also features four other private areas for adults, children, guests and house servants, and also kitchen and laundry utilities.

Uniquely designed and based on a flowing open plan, the house sports large glass windows, stone walls and a flat roof. The Miller Residence, which stands on a lavish 6,838 sq ft space, took four years to complete. The architectural masterpiece was declared a national landmark in 2000. In 2008, it became the property of Indianapolis Museum of Art. (from spfaust)

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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