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Japan’s Yoyogi Village is a Dream Escape from the City Din

The next time you are in Tokyo, we would want you to spare time to visit the Shibuya ward. For the uninitiated, this tiny destination in the Japanese capital is known for its bustling night life and fashion. In the middle of all the activity stands the Yoyogi village.

A small commercial unit boasts a village and an area where up cycled containers maker up for most of the living spaces, the Yoyogi village is dotted by bars, restaurants, art galleries and spas.  Designed by Wonderwall architecture group and landscape designer Sejuin Nishihata, Yoyogi is a natural escape from the din and bustle of the city.

Japan’s traditional  rural architecture comes into play thanks to the Code Kurkku restaurant, which sports white walls, wood floor and the ceiling that presents a vintage look. Adding to the charm, Nishihata has laid out a green landscape that presents a lush forest background. (from thecoolist)

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