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Colors Work Wonders with Edna 1 and Edna 3 Cabinets

Contemporary Lab and Anthony Hartley have teamed up to offer Anthony’s colorful and modern Edna 1 and Edna 3. The UK-based furniture maker creates custom-made bespoke pieces, authenticated and registered to the owner, each with its own unique color sequence called as its DNA. Anthony Hartley is a British designer and furniture maker who creates amazing furniture we can’t take our eyes of.

Hartley works with wood, plastics and ply and some his designs are very bright and colorful, while others feature interesting forms and shapes. Edna 1 and Edna 3 are two storage cabinets which are both practical and just delightful to look at combining a real sense of fun with a retro silhouette.

Each oak cabinet includes multicolored laminated ply drawers, hand sprayed and lacquered to a high gloss finish. Anthony creates dynamic and engaging furniture of the highest technical quality. He produces each piece by hand, from original drawings through to finished product. The furniture designs are based on forms and colors that describe motion, giving each piece a sense of force and movement tightly constrained by the strong shapes and materials.

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