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La Banane at St Barts Features Retro Furniture of the 1950s

If you want to feel the cool vibes of 1950, come to this exclusive retro-chic hotel La Banane’s on St. Barts. The interior of this hotel is directly connected with great past stories of real life, real events and real personalities.

La Banane’s founder father the late Jean-Marie Riviere, was a luminary in the Parisian cabaret world. His first revue named La Banane was performed in this hotel. The welcoming Riviere and his show ruled this hotel once upon a time, and so the hotel has been named La Banane. The hotel is a sexy showpiece island in the middle of the pool.

Each of the bungalows is furnished with original pieces crafted somewhere in the mid-50s, when Pierre Jeanneret traveled to India to help his cousin Le Corbusier who was the creator of the city Chandigarh in the Punjab. The furniture made of rosewood and teak were designed by the local craftsmen of India. Each bungalow is named after an artist, designer or craftsman. Each furniture is individually identified by its origin and design explained so that the guest can appreciate the piece.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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