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Atacama Hotel Residence Stands Tall and All Alone

Standing alone in the isolated, extreme region of the Atacama Desert in Chile is this hotel residence which is a result of the ambition of unifying in a single gesture the conditions that will structure an ecosystem and allow human activity in a human hostile environment. The hotel can be easily and clearly identified, like a city; it can be mentioned as a landmark in the middle of the desert.


The room system takes place on the higher plateau, thereby protecting and defining the spaces on the lower level. The layout of the room is guided by the orientation and views of the room. 49% of the rooms are oriented towards the west, 24% towards east, 17% toward north and 10% towards south. The rooms are built in and juxtaposed on the terrace, to define different kind of exterior spaces. The rooms form an elevated platform that provides nice wholesome views on the surroundings. The restaurant has a 5m high ceiling with an open roof slit and the horizon brings in its identity through the natural light and colors. The swimming pool is a kind of programmed winter garden, which acts as a refreshing area with a climate totally different from the exterior environment. [Found on PlusMood]








Atacama Hotel Residence 9

Cristina Toplita
I write for decoist.

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