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Bright Hues on Your Seating Set

The Gan Spaces collection by Gandia Blasco brings the mixture of bold patterns design and bright palettes to the fore. The collection is a bright and beautiful contemporary modular seating set. Designed by Sandra Figuerola, the bold pieces are done in 100% wool, which makes them as pleasing to touch as looking at it. The modular seating introduces simple shapes with a mix of prominent patterns in various scales, and standout colors.

The collection can be arranged in any composition to suit any sized spaces and accessorized with matching pillows. Another feature of this collection is that the seating and cushions are reversible, which enables you to switch between designs to get the desired look. You can complete the look with a touch of creativity from your side: candle boxes, an attractive floor or tabletop accessory illuminated from within, that matches the patterns and sets this collection apart. The “clash of color and patterns”, as we’d like to call it, transforms your interiors into a stylish, comfortable place. [Found on Trendir]

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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