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Scandinavian Made Hand-Woven Rugs for Your Interiors

Scandinavian Made is a new online shop founded by Susan Serra and her daughter, Kelly Serra Donovan, which imports home accessories made by Scandinavian artisans. The accessories are all hand made by them, which makes it unique. What we are going to show you here are the rugs that are available at Scandinavian Made.

These rugs are attractive, and notable in the fact that each one of them is made from recycled textiles, and is hand-woven by weavers in Smaland, Sweden. The process of making the rugs from textiles is extensive: the cloth (like bed linens, curtains, old clothes, jeans, etc.) to be recycled is gathered locally until they stop running color while washing. The cloth is then ironed, cut into long, thin pieces that are rolled into cloth balls and then used for weaving. These vintage rugs are therefore, cloth pieces left over from homes in Smaland. Be it any interior, traditional or contemporary, these rugs would go great with anything, anywhere.

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  • Rohit

    Timeless and luxurious, a hand knotted rug is truly like a unique piece
    of art for your floor. Our high-skilled weavers are respected for their
    craftsmanship, tying each individual knot to create a one-of-a-kind
    masterpiece every time. We offers a unique kind of beauty. Our design
    team has drawn inspiration from art, nature, contemporary fashion trends
    and traditional designs to create an expensive collection of rugs that
    features colors and styles to fit every taste. Offering timeless styling
    matched with lifetime durability, each Infabindia hand knot is sure to
    become a family heirloom. Our Highly skilled weavers are experienced at
    hand knotting traditional,contemporary and transitional patterns
    meticulously handcraft each hand knotted area rug. For these weavers,
    the tradition of hand knotting excellence has been passed down through
    many generations and is a true art form. We invites consumers to bring
    the products of generations of this finely tuned craft into their own
    homes with these rugs.