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Balanced and secluded hideaway: Harborview Hills

Harborview Hills – a name so imposing and a residence so splendid! This exquisite modern villa named the Harborview Hills residence and located in Corona Del Mar, California, surely is the one place on earth that its owners would never forget or leave. Displaying a very private, almost secluded architecture, the contemporary property was designed by Californian studio Laidlaw Schultz Architects.

The solid walnut wall displayed in the front of the property cleverly hides all the fantastic features of this magnificent dream house. Indiscreet eyes will not be able to tell that this home gathers stunning coastal views on the other side and shares them with dwellers and their guests. Poolside terraces and bright interior spaces are separated by only a thin sheet of glass and sunlight is invited inside to bring out the best in the space arrangement. An  internal courtyard and extensive use of glass force the indoors and outdoors to merge in a successful attempt to keep a balance in the inhabitant’s life.


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