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Puzzling Designed Bedroom Floor with Timber Offcut Scraps

You will be impressed by an innovative creation of 403architecture in Japan- a bedroom in an apartment in Hamamatsu. It is interesting to see the company’s renovated bedroom has its floor constructed with timber offcuts. They have used the wood scraps reclaimed from the ceiling renovation. The wooden floor looks slightly bumpy but has a sanded surface with no varnish. This creation has resulted in developing a unique, hand-crafted, and cost-effective flooring method.  The company was assigned to do an overall renovation of the apartment, including the bedroom designing. While repairing they have dismantled the original ceiling to attain the overall height of the bedroom.

And at the end of the ceiling construction, some decent amount of wood was recovered. Seeing the scraps, the couple has suggested an idea to make a new floor from it. The remaining wood which was cut into similarly sized thicknesses of wood was paved on the floor as a substitute for a tatami mat. Though the timber offcuts are of different age, the floor has a unified look with the similar texture obtained from the cutting and sanding process. The new floor which is both puzzling and hypnotic looks similar to a giant Tetris puzzle [as found on Inhabitat]. The tightly fit floor acts both as a solid surface for walking and a noise barrier.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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