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Dream home built in the 60s, revamped as a modern dwelling

Getting all the little details in order when moving into your dream home can be overwhelming. Especially if your house is more or less like this amazing Casa RO by Elías Rizo Arquitectos. The architectural studio based in Guadalaraja have completed this residential project 2 years ago.

The two-story home located in a residential neighborhood of Guadalaraja, Jalisco, Mexico, was originally built in the 60s, using straight design lines and details of that period that were revamped by the architects and the house received a new and exciting face. The double height foyer and the terrace are considered the main spaces – the first one because of its grandeur and the second one, thanks to all the time the young family spends here. Wood and stone were used as the primary materials to give the residential structure a warm, comfortable feeling but also keep it close to nature.

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