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Metropolis Design Manages to Build Heaven on Earth

Designed by Metropolis Design, Spa House is an unbelievably beautiful residence in Cape Town, South Africa. Metropolis Design has a contemporary perspective in implementing their designs and makes projects both in architecture and interior design. Built on a mountain, this paradise home looks more like a luxury spa with water as an element with continuous presence in this space. The living areas were designed to allow a unique view of both the pool and the incredible surroundings. The Spa, located below the water level, has a direct view of the pool trough glass panels, providing a relaxing and mysterious effect.

The house, built in 2011, is separated from the principal residence by a berm and is connected to it by footpaths. It incorporates swimming pools, guest accommodation, spa facilities and general living and poolside areas. The minimalistic design emphasizes the potential for modern mountainside architecture to amplify the natural elements of its surroundings. The architecture is stunning, and it fuses cityscape designs with nature.

The home’s emphasis on water extends to an open ground floor plan and large deck space around the pool. Relaxing is certainly the right description. Metropolis Design’s first intentions with Spa House was to just create a piece of modern eye candy, but things changed when the design company realized that there are many big spenders who would love to be in a room surrounded by nothing but water and nature. In short, this is called mind blowing piece of work.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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