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Family home in Silicon Valley: OZ House by Swatt and Miers Architects

Located in Silicon Valley, California, on a 2.8 acre property, the OZ House benefits from a slightly sloped terrain surrounded by mature trees. Designed to suit the inhabitant’s needs and wishes – a strong connection between the indoors and outdoors and modern amenities – the contemporary residence was designed as a double winged L-shaped plan construction.

Designed by Swatt and Miers Architects, the residential structure was divided into two wings – the east one features the kitchen and family room downstairs and kids bedrooms upstairs, while the west wing consists of an office, media room, and guest suite on the ground floor and the master suite upstairs. The living and dining space connects these two wings. The young couple and their two children find this home perfect for their modern living needs. Welcoming family and guests with a solid mahogany pivoting entrance door, the house displays extensive use of glass that connects the landscape with the interior spaces, flooding the home with natural light.

Photos via Swatt and Miers Architects

Ada Teicu

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