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The Future of Vespa Scooters as We Know It

If you’re wondering where the role of “Go-Green” campaign comes into play in your interior decor scheme, here’s the answer: the scooter-turned workstation! The scooter was named Vespa, which means ‘wasp’ in Italian, because of the vehicle’s two-stroke engine’s buzzing sound. When tougher emission laws and restrictions for sustainable living came into effect, the scooter production had to be shut down and all of them went to the junkyards.

Here’s such an iconic 1968 model Vespa Sprint, which was beyond restoration possibilities, saved from the junkyard and turned into a piece of designer furniture. The traditional characteristics of the scooter were retained: the rear half has been converted into a functional workstation and the look is completed by adding a laptop stand on the front. The scooter has been repainted in bright red colour that adds to the “fun” quotient. Do you want to the scooter for a ride without worrying about the helmet hair?

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