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Delaunay Furniture Sports Cutting Edge Design

Designer Craig Van Der Brulle presents this furniture collection with ‘cutting-edge’ designs, literally! The collection, named Delaunay, has three pieces – a mirror, table and a chair. The avant-garde collection, which has been named after a type of mathematical triangulation, is created by the help of computer designing, using 3-D software, and laser soldering.


The designer insists that the technological component is very important in the future of contemporary home design. In his own words, “the pieces are simple and bold in form, but they are complicated”. And, it shows in his work: the dining table is a sculptural array of interlocking triangles. The price of the table is around $75,000. The dazzling furniture pieces are available in steel, gilt bronze, or chrome, and are made-to-order. The creative and wonderful furniture is designed to look great; it can do wonders to your interior decor.


DelaunayTable 3

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