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Fun slipcovers for lovely ottomans: Pouffles by Aroopy

Look around your home. Is there a space left empty waiting for the perfect piece of furniture? If the answer is yes, you will be surprised to see how one of these amazing pouf chairs can be just the missing thing. The Pouffles by Aroopy are actually a set of ottoman slipcovers with fun patterns that will surely bring that much needed jolly atmosphere to your rooms.

Designed by Los Angeles and Sydney-based designer Ainslie, the Pouffles depict different scenes like an Old World Map or Lower Manhattan Skyline, adding charm to the chosen space and helping you stay in touch with fascinating modern design. Other slipcovers show off the London Tube and Paris Metro maps, making them the perfect gift for someone in love with one of these metropolitan areas. Accompanied by the firm yet comfortable Aroopy  ottomans, these chic Pouffles will have a follow-up line due in February.

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